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B-boying on bboymap is the site dedicated to b- boying . It is a world apart which allows fans to breakdance to learn about trends and news on this business.

Why did you choose the bboy ?

bboymapBboymap chose to focus on the b- boying as it is a promising field that helps young people to communicate other than by words. Moreover , being a street dance, breakdance class is more for street youth to oppose through battles . Today, breakdancing is the source of inspiration for many young people and allow them to evolve , the site was set up.

Why bboymap ?

Bboymap because the site includes several interactive maps through which we can locate geographically crew each and every spot . Note that with this card, breakdance fans can explore the world to come to meet their idols. Each crew who registers on the site automatically appears on a card in their country. It is a way for them to leave their mark in the world of breakdancing .

Why read the site?

To stay abreast of news about this street culture . But the site also allows you to stay in touch with the dancers and discover new music on which you can dance . Finally, is a territory where the breakdancers are free to express themselves through their art and so convey messages across the world.

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