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Graffiti World

The world of art opens and rejuvenated more. If from time immemorial artists are those who live their art patrons blue blood or other religious, artists of the modern world roam the galleries and other exhibitions like in street art.

This is definitely the base but nowadays, the world is the canvas and artist will be all those who have inspiration. This includes even those who have never set their foot in an art gallery or a museum.

1262949 445950252179953 1774093859 oGraffiti, first considered vandalism tends to democratize these days and even reached the highest societies. While initially this is done to enforce a certain unease in a shattered society, now we see just to make nice... most of the time. Street art for art even if the state remains within its limits.

Even the most beautiful works that will never be accepted if they are placed on state buildings, and will know that the treatment karcher. Freedom is quite muzzled because if these street art contain any trademark, logo or something like above , it turns to advertising and will be much better accepted by society , at least , by those who are against.

Naturally, visual pollution done by these billboards is rarely criticized but when it is a young art, it will still face all slander. Grace, we have an atmosphere, so they can not breathe the same oxygen as you want it or not.

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