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Odobo broadens Casino games distribution

Online casinos a 7red are having a hard time outshining competitors, as new players have emerged and everyone tries to bringodobo something new on the table.

First deposit bonuses and generous promotions are one way of keeping players, but just as important is to have a comprehensive selection of games.

With most online operators working with one or two software developers, the number of games is more or less the same and it is hard to stand out from the crowd.

Casino games has announced a partnership with Odobo which intends to consolidate its position in northern Europe and has already made some steps into the right direction. This is not the first agreement that they signed with online gaming companies, but as the titles developed by them gain traction, new partnerships will soon follow.

Conquering new markets is more difficult when you don’t have a fan base, but these sorts of agreements will greatly simplify matters for Odobo.
What makes them special is that they have a couple of unique games, such as: Beat the Croupier, The Oddventurers, Poker Drop Riches, Gold Dice and Baccpo. Both companies will benefit from players enjoying new games, because they are satisfied with their current online casino, they won’t look elsewhere for entertainment.

The Chief Business Affairs Officer at Odobo was the first to comment on the new partnership with Casino games in the wake of this new agreement.

Julian Jarvis said that by signing this deal, they will have an easy task and providing European players with top quality slot games, through a well-respected online casino.

Tapping into the immense potential of the European market is a top priority for Odobo and their developers, with this being only one step into the right direction. If things go according to the plan, new partnerships could be signed with online casinos serving mostly European players.

This could be only the beginning, for Odobo as their celebrating titles will be increasingly popular as more players get the chance to check them out. More online casinos will probably follow suit and try to include them in their offer, regardless of what software developer currently powers their gaming platform.

A trend has emerged for online casinos to work with several such developers, instead of limiting themselves to one or two names, regardless of how respected.

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